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Keyloop’s commitment to diversity shines at automotive 30% club conference

Caz Meech
Caz Meech

Global Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Keyloop’s commitment to diversity shines at automotive 30% club conference

Automotive 30% club conference highlights

We’re delighted to share the highlights from Keyloop’s participation in the annual Automotive 30% Club conference, which recently took place in the heart of London. As proud sponsors of the event for the second consecutive year, Keyloop showcased the significant progress made through its Power to Change program in increasing female representation within the organisation.

With a focus on fostering diversity and inclusion across various dimensions, Keyloop demonstrated its commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Empowering change

At the conference, Tom Kilroy, Keyloop CEO, presented the remarkable strides the organisation has made in the past 12 months in elevating female representation throughout the business. Keyloop has actively pursued gender balance at all levels, and its efforts have yielded impressive results.
At the executive leadership team (ELT) level, Keyloop now boasts a 45% female representation, which rises to 50% when excluding Tom. Furthermore, within the senior leadership team (SLT), female representation has increased by 16%, reaching an impressive 36%.

We truly believe our long-term partnership with the Automotive 30% Club is of the upmost importance. As both a Patron and the Partner Sponsor this year, I’m excited to work on initiatives that will increase female employment, build a larger pipeline of talented women and contribute to closing the gender gap which exists in our industry.

Tom Kilroy, Keyloop CEO 

Driving progress through diversity

Keyloop’s commitment to diversity goes beyond gender representation. The conference emphasised that embracing a diverse workforce, encompassing age, background, ethnicity, working style, sexual orientation, disability, and more, is crucial for driving the organisation forward. Keyloop recognises that diverse perspectives and experiences bring fresh ideas, innovation, and creativity to the table.

By actively championing inclusivity and equity, Keyloop positions itself as an organisation that values and respects the uniqueness of every individual within its workforce.

Creating an inclusive employee experience

Attracting and retaining top talent requires creating an employee experience that values individuals holistically. One of the ways Keyloop has fostered inclusivity is by altering its recruitment language to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Additionally, it has been amplifying voices from across the company, showcasing the diverse perspectives and achievements of its employees. By doing so, Keyloop creates an environment where employees feel seen, heard, and valued.

We recognise the importance of promoting work-life balance and ensuring that the employee experience extends beyond the confines of work. By prioritising the well-being and personal fulfilment of our people, Keyloop demonstrates its commitment to supporting individuals both professionally and personally.

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Continuing the journey

Keyloop’s participation in the Automotive 30% Club conference reflects an ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. With remarkable progress made in increasing female representation within the organisation, Keyloop has embraced the notion that a diverse workforce is essential for its continued success. Its dedication to altering recruitment practices, amplifying diverse voices, and creating an inclusive employee experience sets a positive example for other organisations seeking to cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Wrapping up

Keyloop’s presence at the Automotive 30% Club conference showcases our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the organisation. By actively pursuing gender balance and embracing diversity in all its forms, Keyloop demonstrates its dedication to creating an equitable workplace where every individual can thrive. Our efforts in altering recruitment language, amplifying diverse voices, and prioritizing the employee experience highlight our commitment to driving positive change.

Keyloop’s journey toward a more diverse and inclusive organisation serves as an inspiration for others in the industry, as we continue to pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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Caz Meech
Caz Meech Caz Meech is the Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement across Keyloop. Caz's career has spanned a range of sectors including Healthcare, Academia, Broadcast Media and IT, as well as range of roles including teaching, marketing and writing in the UK and overseas; each of these experiences has given her the ability to see the world through the eyes of a range of audiences and to communicate accordingly. Caz is passionate about the employee experience and strives to deliver ones that are unique and really focus on what people want and need at Keyloop.

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