Stock Check

Improve inventory management and protect your future profits on parts with an automated stock check process. Using barcoded parts and bins and barcode scanners, the work can be completed with speed and accuracy.
Preserve Profitability
Automated data capture minimises risk and lowers overhead costs.
Optimise Operations
Barcode scanning ensures data is captured accurately and in real-time.
Boost Efficiency
Scanning technology provides a quicker alternative to manual data entry.
Stock Check Features
Save hours of preparation time and eliminate slow-downs with system-generated stock check reports and automatic discrepancy list updates.
Real-time Reporting
Scanned barcodes are captured, reported and verified in real-time, so you can be sure you have the right parts in the right bin. In addition, discrepancy lists automatically merge with your current stock.
Automated Functionality
Get back hours of counting time, while reducing stock variance and write-offs, without having to manage manual and paper-based processes.
Create Value with Stock Check
  • Manage Inventory in Record Time
  • Manage Inventory in Record Time
    Daily operations need not be impacted while a stock check is in progress. Live feedback keeps you informed about check status and scanning tools confirm your true stock in real-time against your inventory records. This is all integrated with your DMS, helping to save time spent on manual counting and giving you more time to spend with customers.
  • Optimise Inventory Counts
  • Optimise Inventory Counts
    Data entry can be a serious time sink. Speed up the process and spend more time with your customers. By using barcode scanners to count parts and bins, your stock check can be completed in less time, with fewer resources and greater accuracy than manual, paper-based stock check processes.
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