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Driving Pride: promoting inclusivity in the automotive industry

Caz Meech
Caz Meech

Global Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Driving Pride: promoting inclusivity in the automotive industry

Keyloop and Driving Pride

June marked International Pride Month. In line with this, the launch event of Driving Pride, a new LGBTQ+ movement within the automotive industry, took place in London. Backed by major OEMs and comprising professionals from the sector, Driving Pride aims to foster inclusivity and diversity within the automotive industry while providing a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Keyloop’s commitment to embracing everyone

As part of the Embracing Everyone initiative, Keyloop proudly serves as a founding member and sponsor of Driving Pride. Collaborating with other influential organizations such as Heycar, Autotrader, Bumper, the Institute of the Motor Industry, and Carwow; Keyloop strives to promote diversity and facilitate progress in creating inclusive work environments. Renowned OEMs including Bentley, BMW, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volkswagen Group are also actively involved, with notable retailer members like Inchcape, Jardine Motors, Arnold Clark, TrustFord, and Enterprise.

The launch event

The launch event took place at Deloitte HQ, gathering around 60 attendees, including members of Driving Pride, representatives from the auto-industry press, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community. Stephen Whitton, founder of Menable, hosted the event, while Charlie Martin, the first British transgender racing driver, delivered an inspiring talk, sharing her personal experiences.

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Driving Pride’s objectives

Formed in 2021, Driving Pride operates as a professional network comprising individuals associated with the automotive industry who identify as LGBTQ+ or as allies supporting diversity and inclusion.

The network aims to achieve the following objectives:

Providing a safe and supportive space

Driving Pride offers a secure and nurturing environment for all LGBTQ+ individuals working within the automotive sector. It serves as a platform for networking, idea-sharing, and discussing experiences among its members.

Promoting diversity at work

The network actively supports and organizes events for LGBTQ+ employees, focusing on fostering diversity within their respective companies. By facilitating these initiatives, Driving Pride aims to create a more inclusive and accepting workplace environment.

Sharing information and best practices

Driving Pride serves as a hub for sharing valuable information, resources, best practices, and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals working in the automotive sector. By promoting relevant initiatives, the network encourages knowledge exchange and drives positive change within the industry.

Encouraging professional development

The network provides a forum for open discussions among LGBTQ+ employees from different companies, fostering professional development and encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Final thoughts

Driving Pride is an essential movement within the automotive industry, championing inclusivity and diversity while providing support and opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals. As a founding member and sponsor of the network, Keyloop exemplifies its commitment to creating a workplace environment that embraces everyone.
Together with other influential organizations and OEMs, Driving Pride is set to shape a more inclusive future for the automotive industry, where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and contribute to its success. We wish them every success and are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor such a valuable movement in our industry.

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Caz Meech
Caz Meech Caz Meech is the Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement across Keyloop. Caz's career has spanned a range of sectors including Healthcare, Academia, Broadcast Media and IT, as well as range of roles including teaching, marketing and writing in the UK and overseas; each of these experiences has given her the ability to see the world through the eyes of a range of audiences and to communicate accordingly. Caz is passionate about the employee experience and strives to deliver ones that are unique and really focus on what people want and need at Keyloop.

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