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Planting trees for a greener tomorrow: Keyloop’s commitment to rewilding

Caz Meech
Caz Meech

Global Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Planting trees for a greener tomorrow: Keyloop’s commitment to rewilding

Keyloop’s partnership with Trees for Life

We’re excited to share the remarkable efforts of the Keyloop team, as they continue their commitment to sustainability through the Power to Change program. For the second consecutive year, Keyloop proudly partners with Trees for Life, a Scottish Highlands-based charity dedicated to “rewilding” by planting native trees and fostering diverse wildlife habitats.
By actively participating in tree planting initiatives, Keyloop is making a tangible difference in preserving our environment and supporting the resurgence of native species.

Hands-on partnership: a visit to Dundreggan Estate

In May, members of the HR team had the privilege of visiting the picturesque Dundreggan Estate, where they witnessed first-hand how their partnership contributes to Trees for Life’s vital rewilding program. During their visit, the team actively engaged in various activities, from tending to the smallest seedlings to transferring them into larger pots. They meticulously sorted healthy tree shoots and ultimately participated in planting over 1,000 tree shoots. These young saplings will mature over the next eighteen months before finding their permanent home in the Highlands.

Planting trees, planting hope

Keyloop encourages everyone to join their rewilding efforts by planting a tree or donating to their virtual Trees for Life grove. With a donation of just £6, individuals can contribute to the growth of native forests and the restoration of wildlife habitats. As an added bonus, Keyloop will also match tree planting for any employee celebrating a birth in their family or wishing to honor the memory of a loved one.

Keyloop has already made a significant impact, having donated over €5,000 to the cause.

Behaving responsibly: the power to change

Keyloop’s partnership with Trees for Life exemplifies its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. By actively participating in rewilding initiatives, Keyloop acknowledges the role each of us plays in creating a sustainable future. The Power to Change program empowers individuals within the organization to take action and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Looking ahead

Keyloop’s dedication to planting trees and rewilding not only benefits the environment but also serves as an inspiration for others to get involved in conservation efforts. As the company continues to prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, its ongoing partnership with Trees for Life will undoubtedly yield even greater results.

Our commitment to rewilding demonstrates that small actions, such as planting a tree, can collectively create a significant positive change”

Finding the right person to attribute this quote to

Final thoughts

Keyloop’s continued partnership with Trees for Life and their active participation in rewilding initiatives showcase their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. By planting native trees, they are contributing to the restoration of habitats and the revival of wildlife populations.
Through the Power to Change program, Keyloop encourages individuals to join its cause, demonstrating that every person has the power to make a difference. As Keyloop employees plant trees for a greener tomorrow, they inspire us all to embrace our responsibility in creating a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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Caz Meech
Caz Meech Caz Meech is the Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement across Keyloop. Caz's career has spanned a range of sectors including Healthcare, Academia, Broadcast Media and IT, as well as range of roles including teaching, marketing and writing in the UK and overseas; each of these experiences has given her the ability to see the world through the eyes of a range of audiences and to communicate accordingly. Caz is passionate about the employee experience and strives to deliver ones that are unique and really focus on what people want and need at Keyloop.

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