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Enhancing the management of courtesy and replacement cars 

In an exciting collaboration, Tjekvik and RentLog, two Keyloop certified partners, have joined forces to enhance the management of courtesy and replacement cars for automotive retailers. This partnership aims to drive improved customer experiences while fully digitising the checkout process for courtesy vehicles. Learn how Tjekvik and RentLog offer cutting-edge solutions that streamline car rental operations, providing customers with a hassle-free, self-service experience and optimising the aftersales department’s efficiency.

– Seamless online check-in process

Thanks to Tjekvik and RentLog’s seamless integration, customers can now complete all rental paperwork and check-in fully online. With Tjekvik’s Digital Service Reception and RentLog’s comprehensive administrative solutions, checking out a courtesy car has never been easier. In just a matter of minutes, customers can enjoy a hassle-free, self-service experience that also streamlines the aftersales department’s operations, making their job easier and improving overall efficiency.

– Convenience and flexibility

Tjekvik and RentLog also offer convenient options for customers by seamlessly working with outdoor hardware. This means customers can drop off their vehicle and collect a replacement at a time that suits them, with the service available 24/7. This flexibility allows customers to enjoy greater convenience and ensures their automotive needs are met on their schedule.

Tjekvik’s digital service reception

Tjekvik’s Digital Service Reception revolutionises the automotive retail experience by providing customers with a convenient check-in process for their vehicles’ service. Instead of waiting in queues to speak with a service advisor, customers can utilise a sleek touchscreen kiosk. This kiosk guides them through the check-in process, presents additional purchase options, and even provides a secure key-drop function with automatically locking drawers. Tjekvik’s solution ensures a fast, smooth, and consistent check-in experience for customers, improving overall satisfaction.

RentLog’s efficient administrative management

RentLog from mSystems enables automotive retailers to digitise the administrative processes involved in managing loan and rental cars. From booking to invoicing and overall fleet management, RentLog eliminates time-consuming tasks and helps boost revenues. By integrating with Keyloop, RentLog ensures accurate and up-to-date data shared between the platform and the dealership management system (DMS), minimising the time spent dealing with rental cars and enabling staff to focus on more critical work.

Benefits of Tjekvik and RentLog

  • Streamlined Processes: Tjekvik and RentLog’s solutions optimise administrative processes, reducing time spent on paperwork and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By offering a seamless digital check-in experience and convenient service hours, Tjekvik and RentLog enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Accuracy and Data Management: Tjekvik’s Digital Service Reception and RentLog’s integration with Keyloop ensure accurate and up-to-date data flows, minimising errors and improving data accuracy.
  • Increased Revenues: With efficient processes and accurate billing, automotive retailers can maximise revenue potential through Tjekvik and RentLog’s solutions.
  • Integrates with Keyloop Drive, Autoline Rev8, Dracar+, Automaster, and Aswin DMS solutions.

In summary

With the partnership between Tjekvik and RentLog, automotive retailers can revolutionise their car rental management processes. By offering customers a seamless digital check-in experience and optimising administrative tasks, these solutions enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and boost revenues.

Discover how Tjekvik and RentLog can provide your dealership with a consistent digital customer journey.


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